Fintech Visuals - Knowledge Base

Welcome to Fintech Visuals!

We are a collaborative team of traders, coders and research engineers developing tools predominantly for proprietary use specifically for hybrid, semi and full implementation of algorithmic trading. We decided to release some of our tools in order to develop industry relationships across a range of trader experience and platform developers seeking to improve algorithmic trading capability for both professional and retail traders.

This Knowledge Base has all the information needed to install and setup our Addons that are published on the Bookmap Marketplace.

Each addon has its own page(s) and will give instructions on how to set it up and examples to help you get started, we always recommend that you start with the same settings and then adjust to your own preferences of trading edge frequency based on current market conditions of liquidity and volatility.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach out to us at

Edge Trader DOM

Edge Trader DOM has many of the features found on widely used professional platforms as well as some unique features of our own design. All of which are intuitive. The type of traders we had in mind are those that are especially active, who scale in/out of position and/or scalp often without having to worry about cancelling the odd order still sitting in the market. Like orphan brackets or entry orders outside of the visual range of the price ladder’s current displayed prices*

*Requires FV KB Pro for smart orders features

Orderflow Toolkit

This is a suite of tools designed to help traders more easily identify specific data events with user defined variables. As we develop more tools and features periodically they will be added to the Order Flow Tool Set as included updates.

KB Execution

This package was designed to provide traders with execution commonly offered on other platforms and keyboard shortcuts actions

Price Lines

Add lines to prices based on .csv file using the same format as Bookmap Custom Notes. For each price on the csv file the addon will get the background color and will plot a line.

The addon also offers an option to refresh the file every X seconds and you can choose what type of line for each price (solid, dashed or dotted).